Welcome to my Homepage!

Since 2011, I'm teaching in Ha´ti... and working in support of the university system there through the Chaires Universitaires "Toussaint Louverture"
I'm very grateful to the university of Lille, the head of the department for social and economic sciences, my colleagues and all the staff for accomodating my long absences and sustaining me in that project. Special thanks are due to Faridah Djellal who, at my arrival at the university of Lille, guided me toward the signature of the actual convention .

You will find here

* Information about my Research
My departmental web page is to be found there.
Please visit also my Web Page at IDEI to find an account of my early works.

* Some of my Teaching material
You also find here some material that goes back to my years in Toulouse: Toulouse Teaching Material
(Note that access is partially restricted to on campus student. Please contact me if you are interested in getting more)

* And some More
(Essentially in French)

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